Sponsor Interview: Thomas Westcott

Sponsors of the Innovation Showcase Thomas Westcott talk Venturefest South West 2019.

Thomas Westcott are one of the largest independent accountancy practices in the South West. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the relevant and up to date business advice they need from our 17 local offices across the region.

Why are you supporting Venturefest SW?

We are involved with Venturefest as Thomas Westcott has always looked to embrace technology to streamline the work we do and promote the use of technology to help our clients. We have always sought to work with innovative businesses to provide the necessary business advice needed to help them achieve their aims in terms of securing finance, accessing relevant funding or tax reliefs, and working alongside the business on its journey.

What three pieces of advice would you give to a technology innovation?

3 pieces of advice we would give to any technology innovator are:
i. Ensure you have a clear potential market in mind for any innovation, to be able to demonstrate the potential scope of return for any investor;
ii. When seeking any finance have clear, concise business plan to demonstrate how any investment would be utilised;
iii. Finally seek to take advice from those who have experience in bringing new products to market and can give you access to the right help.

What tech do you think will have the biggest impact on the region in the future?

The region has a strong manufacturing and development history, however, in the short term the biggest impact of innovation is likely to be seen in the agricultural sector to help make the region as competitive as possible both in terms of productivity and profitability. In this area technological innovations within the dairy and cattle industry will likely have the biggest impact on the industry.